Sophia grew up in Camden town, London. Her love of music and singing was first sparked during early experiences of singing in the car with her family along to Johnny Cash, Cat Stevens and Enya(!) as well as singing hymns and Gospel music at church.


At Camden School for Girls, her music teacher - Mr Catlow - inspired in her a deep love of harmony, and she sang for many years in the school choir. 


As a teenager she began to attend alternative camps and festivals which offered her another experience of group singing grounded in love for the earth and the elements. 


In her early twenties she came across a workshop at Sunrise Festival with Chandra Mathers - a singing facilitator and member of the Natural Voice Network - and she was hooked. She led her first workshop at Dance Camp East in 2007. 


In 2009 she spent a year as a Music Animateur apprentice with Spitalfields Music where she was mentored by the formidable choir leader Laka D. She set up her first choir - Hackney Harmony - in 2010, and went on to guest lead for a number of other London choirs including SOAS World Music Choir and St Etherlburgas.

Fro 2010-2012 she did a 2 year diploma at Goldsmiths in Music Workshop skills, which inspired and prepared her for teaching primary music and also leading workshops with a range fo different groups including special needs, refugees and asylum seekers. 

She taught music in a number of primary schools around East London until she moved to Lewes in 2014. This was the birth of Zu Choir. 

In 2015 she co-founded Harmony Live with Dominic Stichbury and Janna Goodwille. 

She teaches singing workshops and singing holidays/retreats in the UK, Germany, Turkey and Morocco. Since March 2020 she has begun to offer her workshops online. 

She has a unique and infectious style, bringing a sweet balance of humour and depth to her workshops. Her warm and playful nature creates a sense of ease and unity, enabling everyone to drop into a space that is both held and free.


Her own dance and movement practices naturally inform her leadership style, helping to bring the voice back into the body where it belongs. She collects and teaches songs from different cultures and traditions from around the world, leading harmony singing workshops with people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to bring out the natural voice and reinforce our innate human ability to make music.


Her singing workshops are soul inspiring, heart warming and empowering, creating a sense of euphoria and connection for everyone involved.

5 week course

13th April - 11th May 2021

10:30am-12pm or 7pm-8:30pm