In 2010 Sophia was approached by one of her choir members and asked to put together some singing as part of her wedding ceremony.

She collaborated closely with the bride to choose songs that would fit with the desired vibe and energy of the day. She has since been asked to hold singing as ceremony at other weddings. 


"Sophia lead the singing at our wedding last year and it was truly magical!  She led the whole congregation, teaching beautiful songs on the spot, instantly helping everyone, young and old, feel at ease and alive with music.  She also composed and taught a gorgeous piece for all the women and lead us as we we walked up towards the ceremony, something which many said was a highlight of the day.  Sophia has a rare gift, her teaching is joyful, instinctive and inclusive, she knows a whole host of beautiful songs from all over the world, and its clear that her music comes straight from the heart." - Simone Jaeger

Birth & death cermonies

Sophia has been invited to lead singing at Baby Blessings, memorials and Celebrations of Life of past choirs members and friends. Singing is such a powerful way to tune in and create a sacred space for these beautiful transitions to take place with ease. Grief and Joy are two sides of the same coin. Through sharing our voices we can allow these emotions to move through us.





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