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Hackney Harmony is a diverse and vibrant choir in the heart of East London. They sing an eclectic and uplifting range of music including Gospel, African, Folk, Eastern European and Sacred  songs, with a focus around unity, connection and belonging.

All songs taught by ear. Everyone is welcome :)

Tuesdays, 7-9pm @ Centre 151, London, E2 8GU

Payment options:

**If using PayPal please select 'friends & family'**

Autumn term 2023 dates:


  • Drop-ins - 12th & 19th Sep: £10 (£8 conc) *12th Sep is a free taster for newcomers*

  • 4 week block with special guest teachers - Sep 26th, Oct 3rd, 10th, 17th: £40 (£32 conc)

  • 6 week block (including Winter Concert - Weds 6th Dec) - Oct 31st, Nov 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th: £60 (£48 conc)

  • Full term discount (available until 19th Sep): All 12 weeks: £100 (£80 conc)

our amazing guest leaders - autumn 2023!

26 september - ryan o'riordan

Ryan O'Riordan.jpg

After a wonderful collaboration this summer we are delighted to bring  Ryan back to sing again with Hackney Harmony. Ryan is a Jazz/ Soul Singer who is passionate about community singing and collaborative music making.

He has supported artists such as Jamie Cullum and Sam Lee and sings with many aspiring artists in the London music scene. He is currently developing his own material for an EP which will be released later this year. You can read more about Ryan here.

3 oct - guillermo rozenthuler

Guillermo Rozenthuler.jpg

Guillermo is a singer-guitarist from Argentina, a vocal improviser, educator and artist. He has been a huge inspiration of CVI (collaborative vocal improvisation) and I am so excited to introduce him to the choir. He is a real master in his field. 

He has recently followed a lifelong passion for spontaneous music-making and conceived Anthropos: Songs of Humanity, an a cappella vocal improvisation ensemble alongside five other European singers. You can find out more about Guillermo here.

10 Oct - judith silver

Judith Silver.jpg

Whether performing or teaching, composing or leading music in inter-faith services, Judith brings her own deep experience of the power and potential in song and her passion to share with others. Her work is sacred, joyful and healing. 

I have sung and worked with Judith on many occasions over the years and am always deeply moved by the sacredness and beauty she transmits through her work. You  can read more about Judith here

17 oct - janna goodwille

Janna Gooddwille.jpg

Janna has been an inspiring colleague as well as beloved friend over the last 13 years. She brings a very special quality to her work and I am excited the choir will get to sing with her. More about Janna here

Janna has spent over 20 years songwriting, performing, teaching, choir-leading - bringing music and singing to people of all ages. She is passionate about 

connecting to our 

true essence through the voice. 

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