Singing Online


Among all it’s woes and wonders, we saw 2020 herald in the phenomena of online singing. The platform zoom, sky-rocketing in popularity, has enabled different kinds of group sessions to continue in a “virtual” room during this time. 

There is something very touching about seeing everyone and knowing we are all singing the same song. We can't all hear each other but I use a looper to layer up the parts, so we get our harmony fix! 


Everyone is welcome. The songs I choose will often reflect the heart medicine needed for the times we find ourselves in - togetherness, love, connection to each other and the natural world.


big sing.jpg

"I get the same beautiful emotional heart opening/ tears in my eyes that I used to get in singing workshops in a field. I couldn't have imagined getting this from a online choir."

"I really really needed to sing in a group and this workshop was as close to real life group singing that I have experienced. Beautiful choice of songs which were spot on for today, thank you Sophia :) You help me to bring me back to myself!"

"This really livened up my day and a positive vibe for the weekend"